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Comments JB: "Harlow is a knockout. I love everything about her, eyes, smile, tits, ass and personality. What an amazing find she is, Harlow is one of my top favorites. Please bring her back again and again."Camgirl Harlow was kind of the big-titted bad girl in school that parents warned their daughters about. She probably drove the vice-principal crazy.Harlow talked about her bad girl way of life when she was visiting SCORE for the first time. Ready for a dirty story about an orgy Harlow attended?"It was at one of those houses that you go to on the weekends and the rest of the time pretend you've never been there. Five men were there and four girls including me. It's the only orgy I've ever been in. I walked in, and they were all my friends, and this naked girl rolled off the bed and I was like, 'Cool! Naked chicks! Let's get drunk, guys.' And then we all got naked. I was wearing really small Daisy Duke shorts and a green tube top that was flaring out at the bottom, and I had my hair up in a ponytail with a gold band across my forehead. I think the boobs looked pretty good in a tube top."I started kissing my girlfriend. Not my girlfriend, but a friend who's a girl, and one of my guy friends was asking us to kiss and holding up his phone, and we just sucked face for so long. It was so nice. And then she started playing with my genitals. I started playing with her genitals. Of course, everybody was watching like, 'Ooooh, guys!' And both of us were drunk. There was pussy-eating. One of the guys there had been trying to eat my pussy, but the friend I was making out with pushed him out of the way. She wanted to do it, and that was really good."The cocks started showing up after that. I mean, you see a girl licking another girl's pussy, some cocks are gonna start showing up. She got up, and someone immediately got on top of me and started railing me. Hard. From behind. And I had her come around to the front because I just wanted to lick her pussy, and he took my head and shoved it in her pussy, and I liked that. I've used that for many things, having that image in my head. They were all right there. We were all in this teeny-tiny room on a small mattress with no sheets or anything. Just a mattress. Everyone was kissing or having sex with someone or trying to have sex."At one point, one of the guys was sucking on my nipples, but I didn't know what was going on. At one point some guy was trying to kiss me, and I kissed him and he said, 'How's her pussy taste?' My friend who I was making out with was always telling me how pretty I was and how she wanted to kiss me one day, and I'd say, 'You're funny.' Because I didn't know she liked girls."I was the one with the biggest tits. There were girls with small tits, medium tits. No one with tits quite as big as mine. The biggest was a double-D. I totally got ass-fucked. There was one guy who said to me, 'Have you done anal before?' and I said, 'No.' And he said, 'Alright, we're going to do anal,' and he went right at it. It wasn't bad because I was pretty wet at that point. Didn't even spit on it. Just popped his cock in my ass. It was painful, but normally that's okay for me. I'm okay with that. After the first three minutes, I was like, 'It feels good.' I'd say he did it for about 10-15 minutes. Just straight going at it."
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